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2018-2019 Staff

Diego Nerio


My Name is Diego Nerio and I am currently a 9th grader at Lake Michigan Catholic High school. I enjoy sports like soccer, basketball and golf. I am interested in joining key club.  ...

Melanie Kibler


Melanie loves to watch movies, so much so that she has started putting her opinion of them out for strangers to read.  If you've seen it she's probably written a review about it. She also helps create LMC Live by editing the ...

Adriana Nerio


My name is Adriana Nerio and a senior at Lake Michigan Catholic. I have been in the journalism class for the past three years. In the future I hope to pursue a career in the medical field.

Caroline McLoughlin


Caroline McLoughlin is an editor for the Laker Current. She is a senior at LMC and has been in journalism for three years. Caroline plans to attend college for business, out of state, next fall.

Katie Wertheimer


Katie has been a journalist for The Laker Current for three years.She specializes in writing student life pieces and is the co producer of the student news program, LMC Live!  She is also a part of the cheerleading and softbal...

Michael Markoch


My name is Michael Markoch and I am a senior and a second year journalism member. I have a passion for sports and plan to pursue a degree in broadcast journalism next fall. I am also a student intern at WSJM Sports....

Ashley Herrera


I have been in journalism since freshman year and I feel like my writing has evolved more and more throughout the past years. I always have a good time writing about something i'm determined and interested in and explaining my s...

Sarah Jannings


My name is Sarah Jannings and I am a sophomore at Lake Michigan Catholic High School.  I started taking journalism my freshmen year and I love to write.  I'm also involved in many LMC sports and clubs and I'm looking forward...

Tim Kessler


My name is Tim Kessler and I am 15 years old. I'm a sophomore at LMC Highschool and I've been in journalism for 2 years.

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