Caroline McLoughlin

ST. JOSEPH –  As the first semester comes to a close, preparation for midterm exams becomes more important and, for some, more stressful. Luckily there are ten easy ways to improve studying habits.

The first tip is have enough time to study and prep for the exams. Don’t leave all of the studying for the last minute; instead, try planning out time to study for each exam.

Secondly, keep all study spaces organized. Spread all notes and books out and make sure there is enough light.

Doing this (and removing any remaining distractions) will help any student  remain focused while studying.

The third studying tip is to use diagrams and flowcharts. Visual aids can be helpful, especially when a student is having trouble understanding a specific topic.  

The fourth tip is to look over practice tests from the sections that the exam is on. This is actually one of the most effective ways to study for an exam.

The fifth studying tip is to have help from individual friends, classmates, or groups.  They can help with practice quizzes and also explain certain topics. This study method allows students to understand the topic and help highlight areas where more studying is needed.

It is useful to take breaks while studying. Everyone is different and so because of that, it is important to develop a practical routine.

Planning out the exam day is another helpful tip. It is always nice to know what exams are going to be taken and when.

Eating healthy is always important but it is especially important to snack right while preparing for an exam. Nutritious foods improve concentration and memory as well as provide fuel for the body and mind.

Lastly, adequate hydration is essential during the  exam day or week. Staying well hydrated allows the brain to work at its fullest potential so students can do their best.

As long as procrastination isn’t the main feature of exam week and these tips are taken into consideration, success is guaranteed.