An Insight on Big Brothers Big Sisters


Allana Cunha

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Big Brothers Big Sisters has officially started.  Formally known as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, this non-profit organization’s goal is to help children reach their potential through one-on-one relationships with the help of volunteers.

This year, several of the seniors will be going to Martin Luther King Elementary School every Tuesday from 2-3 p.m.  Even though the seniors have not been assigned Littles yet, they still go there and have fun with the little kids that do show up.  

So far, the Bigs have started to get to know the Littles by playing games and trying to interact with them.  After they get assigned Littles, they will start to help them with their homework and overall guide them and help them make good life decisions.

Andriejus Gaska, senior, is part of Big Brother Big Sisters and he really enjoys being part of this organization.

The bond between the bigs and littles is really cool to see. Knowing that we are making a positive influence in their life is priceless.”

Ian Cartwright, senior, is also part of Big Brothers Big Sisters and believes that the program is an amazing opportunity for both the seniors and the kids.

“Bigs helps both the littles and the bigs learn more about one another. We get to learn how people with little to no money live. They teach us how to be compassionate and caring towards these types of people that we normally do not interact with.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters is great opportunity to interact with children and help them have a better future.