Toblerone Chocolate Changes its Shape


Adriana Nerio

UNITED KINGDOM – Toblerone Chocolate fans are facing a problem. On Tuesday, November 8th, fans announced that the company had expanded the distance between the triangular chunks of chocolate, which will decreases the amount of chocolate the bar has. The change was first noticed in the U.K.

Mondelez International, which produces the airport shopping staple, blames rising ingredients prices for the change in the Toblerone bars. This change was made due to the prices of the Toblerone’s ingredients.

Before the change, the Toblerone bars weighed 170 grams, however, after the change the chocolate bar is now 150 grams, twenty grams have been carved out of the bars for the expansion.  Fortunately, the price for the Toblerone bars remain the same, yet, customers receive 10% less chocolate.

Many students and customers here are affected by the change of Toblerone’s shape. A survey was taken and 78% of students are fans of Toblerone Chocolate. Many customers, including the students who had taken the survey, are upset to change of the chocolate bar.

Seth Collins, junior, has a strong opinion towards this change.

“I feel insulted and cheated about the change. I believe that we should take action and bring back our chocolate.”

If Toblerone chocolate is the first to change due to the prices of ingredients, does this mean other companies will begin to do the same? Should companies consider change the prices of their ingredients?

Hopefully, candy or other foods companies will not consider shorting their customers of their food.