Bus Crash in Tennessee

Bus Crash in Tennessee

Anne Marie Nuter

CHATTANOOGA – On November 22, 2016, a school bus crashed in Tennessee due to the incompetence of the 24-year-old bus driver, Jonthony Walker.  In this horrible accident, 6 of the 36 children on the bus died, and many others were injured.  

Walker was charged with vehicular homicide and more is being added as investigations continue.  He didn’t care about the safety of t

[‘p/;.on bxhe  children on the bus and decided to take them off route while recklessly speeding, resulting in the crash.                                   

Suspects said Walker would cuss and say rude things to the                                                   

children on the bus, which he later admitted to doing in further discussion with the police.  He would intentionally speed and slam on the breaks to knock the children out of their seats.

There had been multiple complaints from both parents and students since the beginning of the year.  All of their complaints were about the recklessness of the driver and his inability to safely drive the bus.

Walker wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but authorities say he definitely wasn’t suited for the job.  His only job was to safely transport student from one destination to another, which he most definitely couldn’t fulfill, making it an unsafe environment for the children.

Lake Michigan Catholic, on the other hand, has a great shuttle service, with Jennifer Hicks as one of the main drivers.  She was shocked to when she heard about the crash and quite adament about safety as a priority.

“As a bus driver and a mom, I know that safety always comes first.  I have children of my own, and I would never want them to drive with someone who doesn’t have such care or respect for them.  We need to make sure the people that shuttle our children have compassion for them, and take extra safety precaution when transporting them.”

A warrant has been issued to open the bus’s black box, which contains footage of the crash from inside the bus.  This is not only for the police, but for the families who had children on the bus that day.

Schools need to make sure their bus drivers are suited for the whole job, not just knowing how to drive a bus.