Five Guys Burger Rating

Five Guys Burger Rating

Nathan Janson

JOSEPH FIVE GUYS – This week, I had a hamburger from Five Guys. I would definitely say that it was one of the best fast food restaurant burgers that I have ever had, receiving an A grade.

This delicious hamburger had almost everything you could want in a fast food burger. It was fairly juicy with a strong, savory flavor.

One of the few flaws it had was that it was much more expensive than most fast food restaurants that you could go to, but that is only because the meat is quality, with almost 100% beef.

Another flaw to it was that it was a little bit greasy, but if you are going to any fast food restaurant you should expect that. Also, it took a long time to get, but this was during rush hour.

Overall, the hamburger was delicious, so if you’re looking for a quality burger from a fast food restaurant, then Five Guys is the place to go.