Easy Reese’s Turkey Cookies

Easy Reese’s Turkey Cookies

Allana Cunha


  • Keebler Butter Cookies
  • Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups
  • Hershey’s Mini M&M’s
  • Jet-Puffed Mallow bits
  • Black Edible Marker
  • Chocolate Cookie Frosting
  • Red Sprinkles


  • Start out by cutting the Mallow Bits in half with a knife & press a black edible marker in the middle.
  • Separate the yellow, orange. & red mini M&M’s in 3 separate bowls.
  • Take a hand full of the orange M&M’s & cut them in half.
  • Take the chocolate cookie frosting and make 3 lines on the top.
  • Add a strip of red at the top then orange in the middle and lastly yellow at the bottom.
  • Attach the peanut butter cup on the with frosting as well.
  • Use the orange M&M’s halves for the feet & beak.
  • Used a red sprinkle for the wattle.

(yields about 24)