Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Each week, a student from Lake Michigan Catholic is selected to be the number one student of that week.  This week, Will McCoy, junior, was selected to be student of the week.

To be chosen, a student must show outstanding qualities and achievements such as winning a special award or carrying a major goal.

For instance, Will McCoy, junior, had won several awards from LMC’s conference for football. McCoy had first in all conference middle linebacker and fullback in football.

Other players from the varsity football team, including McCoy, had outstanding performances throughout this season.

McCoy has been playing football for LMC for about 5 years. Many players on the team consider McCoy as a leader because whenever the team was down he always brought them up.

Many are excited to see McCoy improve, not only in himself, but with the team as well, as his senior year soon arrives.  With many talented and accomplished students at LMC, it can be very hard to select a student every week.

Congratulations to Will McCoy for his great performance this past football season!