Are Commercial Products Taking Over Our Holidays?


Melanie Kibler

UNITED STATES – Every year, people are excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but are they really excited for the holidays or are they exited for the shopping and the presents?  Stores are full of Christmas ads and right after Thanksgiving is Black Friday.

According to BBC the average American will spend $700 on Christmas gifts alone, which adds up to $465 billion a year.  Last year, based on facts by Statistic Brain, Americans spent $70,492,000,000 on the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday.

Thanksgiving used to be a time where people would spend time with their family.  Now employees aren’t able to spend time with their families because Black Friday sales have pushed back to Thanksgiving.

Christmas has been affected by this as well.  Christmas started as the birth of Jesus, then went on to when a saint would bring a tangerine to your stocking, and now to a holiday that is based on buying gifts.

Lizzie Stolte, senior, agrees that the amount of commercial products is insane.  “In November 1st all of the stores are basically screaming buy this and buy that for Christmas.”

Emily Stringer, freshman, doesn’t exactly agree.  She believes that the sales are annoying, but that it’s a part of Christmas, and it helps people who can’t buy presents because of the sales.

Mr. DeVoir believes that stores have taken Christmas a little too far.  “But that’s how our culture is. We want, want, want, and don’t necessarily need.”  

He also added that there is a reason that everyone loves Christmas and the reason that he decorates for Christmas so early is the feeling it represents.  

“Christmas makes people happy.And yes, stores are taking advantage of that but people need to just remember what the holidays are truly about.”