Amber Alert in Detroit

Anne Marie Nuter

DETROIT- On Tuesday, November 15th, at approximately 3:00 PM in Detroit, Michigan, an eleven-month-old child was taken. When this was brought forward to authorities, it resulted in a Amber Alert.

The young child, Savanna Wreford, is a foster child who sometimes still gets to see her birth mother, the kidnapper.  Because of bad communication, the birth mother never returned the child to the foster parents, which worried all who heard.

According to the police, Savanna was last seen by suspects wearing a pink and white jacket and grey flowered pants.  Her birth mother, Dupree, is a 33-year-old African American woman, was said to be 4 foot 4 and 115 pounds.

Later that night, at approximately 10:15 PM, Savanna was found with her birth mother at 9100 block of Everett, Detroit.  Dupree was immediately taken from the scene and into custody.

People all over Michigan got the Amber Alert on their televisions and cell phones.  It was sent out at 9:13 PM and worried all who received it.

Tommy Koenig, junior, was very disturbed by the situation.

“I hate Amber Alerts because I know they are for missing people. Once I looked into it more, I realized it was a baby, and I was getting very upset.  You just don’t do that.”

Things like this should never happen, but I am grateful that we have invented something to warn people in the area for a safer and more efficient search, an Amber Alert.