Allana Cunha

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – For the past couple of weeks, LMC’s wifi has not been working very well.  The LakerLink and LakerIpad networks have not been working and have caused many issues throughout the high school.  

For teachers, the biggest problem has been not being able to access TeacherEase, which is the website that is used for attendance, grading and communication with the parents of the students.  

More specifically, Mr. Adams, the high school math teacher, has not been able to upload his videos to YouTube and the students are not able to access Khan Academy, which is the website that they use to learn math independently every Tuesday.  Teaching and learning is harder because so much of what Mr. Adams does depends upon the internet and chromebooks.

From the students’ perspective, they have not been able to properly access Planbook, Khan Academy, TeacherEase, online classes or any other website that their teachers tell them to go to since the wifi is so slow or non-existent. This creates problems in the classroom because so many of the learning activities takes place online.

Madeleine Johnston, freshman, has been having a lot of difficulties accessing her online class.

“I have been having trouble with my online classes because they won’t load, therefore I can’t get my work done and I am starting to fall behind. Also, with all of the projects and papers that we use the chromebooks for, it just makes it very frustrating when websites and documents won’t load so you can’t do most of the assignment during class and you have to do the majority at home.”

LMC hopes that Comcast will fix their wifi issue soon since it has been causing some chaos in the classrooms.