Blood Drive


Ashley Herrera

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- The Lake Michigan Catholic High School Key Club is hosting an annual Red Cross Blood Drive on November 18th, 2016, from 9AM to 2:45PM at the Rose Center.

According to the Red Cross, potential donors have to be at least 16 years old, at least 110 pounds, and be in good health to donate blood. I the seniors donate blood three times, they earn the red ribbon on their graduation day.

A blood drive is an activity, usually charitable, in which people are requested to donate blood, either to maintain a general supply or in response to a specific storage or emergency.  After the donor gives blood, their blood would be delivered to Red Cross blood component laboratory where it is processed into several components.

There are many ways Key Club members can help make this blood drive a success. They could volunteer as the person who would help out with the forms and who is donating blood. You could also be the person who helps work the Canteen which they would make food for the donors.

The blood drive is a great cause because the blood goes to people who have heart problems or other diseases.  It is an honorable charity that can help save lives across the country.

A huge thanks to the people who have taken their time to volunteer for the Blood Drive and to the others who are donating blood.