The LMC Drama Department Has Done it Again


Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Laker Drama is currently putting on their fall play” Game Show”. This production not only includes audience involvement and improv, but will have everyone laughing out of their seat during this unmissable show.

The story is set around a game show and the backstabbing that goes on behind the scenes. Ellen Ryan, played by freshman Melanie Kibler, is a tough woman in the television producing business out to further herself in her career who doesn’t care who she has to cheat, rob, or kiss in order to get what she desires.

In the production, Ellen Ryan is out to get the position of producer for the television show and replace the host of the show, Troy Richards, with her love interest, Steve Fox, played by freshman Ben Johnston. Ellen manipulates both the producer, Tyler Scott, played by Senior Grant Defrancesco, and the host Troy Richards, played by Senior Andrew Armstrong, into giving up their jobs leaving room for her to step in.

One of the highlights in the show was the improv done by the cast. Even before the show, the cast playing audience members were already in character which included fake names, hobbies, homes, occupations, and personalities. It was a truly professional show.

Another thing included in the play was involvement from those watching the production. Random audience members were called up onto the stage so that they could answer questions. This really brought a fun and humorous aspect to the show.

Overall, this play was very funny and enjoyable while still keeping a solid plot. It is truly something that no one should want to miss.