Sideline Cheer Banquet


Christy Zhou

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – The sideline cheer season ended on October 28th as the football team lost their first playoff game. Their banquet was held on November 14th, where all of the girls received their letters.

Just like every other sports banquet, the team members brought all kinds of food, including main dishes and desserts. Tacos, fresh bread, fruit, and cake were some of the various dishes served.

The banquet started at 7:00 PM  The girls sat together as their friends and family members sat elsewhere.

After they ate, the varsity sideline cheer coach, Michelle Fairbanks, started giving out the awards. She gave everyone a very specific and accurate description.

Hayden Starr, freshman, won the title of “the most improved cheerleader.” She always had a positive attitude at practice and asked the coaches how she could fix her mistakes.

Coach Fairbanks also added that since Starr is so tiny, they’d never thought about her as a base, but she proved that she has power in her tiny body and she could do anything

After all the awards were handed out, the girls took picture with their coach. It was at this time that Coach Fairbanks bid a final farewell to two of the senior girls, Allana Cunha and Kelley Golden, who are not in competitive cheer.
Though no tears were shed, it was evident to see that many of the girls will miss cheering on the sidelines every Friday.Great job girls in sideline cheer and good luck to those who continues doing competitive cheer!