Leaf Raking


Christy Zhou

– Each year, Lake Michigan Catholic High School students help the elderly people of their community by raking leaves in their yards.  This year was no different, with almost the entire high school student body participating and raking 46 yards.

The students met in the cafeteria with their own raking supplies at 7:45. After attendance was taken, students got in their groups and went to their allotted houses.

Each group had a group leader, either teachers or parent volunteers. They drove the students to different houses and work with them.

The groups had at least two houses to work on, however some kids had more to do.  This resulted in some students spending more time raking than others.

Although the work was hard,the Lakers helped each other out. When they finished their own work, they went to help other groups which were still working.

It was a very cold and windy day, so the leaves were blowing around the yards, making bagging quite a hassle.  The Lakers powered through, however, and bagged the leaves as best as they could.

Not all of the lawns were the same size, but some of the smallest lawns had layers and layers of leaves.  A few groups bagged over 40 bags for one house.

The students had their lunches with them, and most of them took a lunch break around noon. The house-owners were very nice, some treating them with cookies, donuts, and apple cider.

Even though the tasks were difficult, with 86 students working their hardest, the day went by fast.  The students were able to help so many people.

Good job lakers!