NBA Ranking

BJ Jones

     LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Thirteen days into the season and nothing has happened to make people rethink their Cavs-Warriors Finals predictions. The champs have yet to lose and while the Warriors have dropped two games, they’ve shown fans how good they can be when they’re clicking.

           That doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been surprises or eye-opening developments in the first two weeks. In the spirit of the season, it is easy to say that the down-ballot races are getting interesting.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a chance at another title this NBA season, only because of their record. The LA Clippers were able to manage themselves as the early number one team in the west with the league’s best defense and a convincing win in San Antonio on Saturday.

     The Boston Celtics have taken a step backward rather than forward. Teams like the Hawks, Raptors and Bulls have suffered some weird losses on their home floor, while the Lakers and Bucks have found offense where there was none last season.

     The Sixers are winless again, but almost beat the Cavs. Last week, the Spurs thumped the Warriors and didn’t stop there. There, Cavs need to prepare to defend their 6-1 title facing off against the Golden State Warriors on December 6.

    The 2015 first round draft pick was Kristaps Porzingis, who won Rookie of the Year. For Kristaps to only experience one year in the NBA, that’s outstanding effort. New York Knicks unfortunately are 3-4 with 10th place in the Eastern Conference.    

     The team whose people would rank as a winless team would most likely be Utah Jazz. So far, the Cleveland Cavaliers are number one in the Eastern Conference with a total record of more wins than losses. Their record is 6-1 overall regular season.