Dairy Queen Burger Rating


Nathan Janson

Dairy Queen Off of Red Arrow Highway – This week I tried a burger from Dairy Queen. The burger was good for a fast food restaurant, but it definitely had its flaws; earning a C+ grade.

On the positive side, this burger had pretty good flavor, but nothing that especially stood out to me. Also, it was not very expensive, and was given to me very quickly, both qualities that you can get at almost any fast food restaurant.

Although the burger had a good taste, the flavor wasn’t very strong; probably due to the fact that the patty was very dry. Another negative about Dairy Queen is that their meat received an F for the amount of antibiotics used in their meat (report done by CNN, see link below).

If you’re looking for a quick bite and don’t have time to sit down and eat (or if you want good ice cream), then DQ might be the right choice for you, but if you’re looking for quality meat and good flavor, I would recommend going somewhere else.