Doctor Strange Movie Review


Melanie Kibler

UNITED STATES- Marvel has made another great movie that hit the box office on Friday, November 11th.  This movie, Doctor Strange, is based on a comic written by Stan Lee and is directed by Scott Derrickson.

Doctor Strange’s main character is an egotistical surgeon named Stephen Strange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch).  One day, Dr. Strange is speeding down the road when he hits a car and crashes.

He is taken to the hospital hours later, but the doctors couldn’t fix all of him.  His hands, which were crushed by the car, are unrepairable.

Dr. Strange’s whole career revolves around using his hands, so he searches far and wide for a cure.  It is during his search that someone tells him that they were miraculously healed from a place in Nepal.

When he arrives he finds out that magic is the cause of the person’s healing.  He stays there and learns how to use magic to heal his hand.

While he’s there he finds out that he is being taught magic to also help fight against the dark power that threatens the earth.

The movie received a 4.4 of the “Kibby Movie Scale.”  It was a great movie but it had a couple of parts that made it lose points.  

The characters were cast very well, with Benedict Cumberbatch as an excellent lead.  All of the other cast portrayed their characters very well.

This movie was set in New York, Nepal, and then different realms.  The different realms are obviously made with computers, but the animators did a pretty good job of making it seem real.

Doctor Strange is very entertaining for all ages, but there is a bit of gore that little ones might not be able to see.  Other than the gore, the movie had the audience laughing the whole time.

Like all good movies, this one had amazing music to set the scene.  This movie’s music did it’s job exactly how it should and made the movie much cooler.

Overall this movie was great and should be seen by all.