Caroline McLoughlin

BROOKLYN, MICHIGAN – Over the weekend of November 5th, Emily Stringer, freshman, had the opportunity to compete in the Cross Country State Finals. Stringer finished 45th out of 237 girls, beating her personal record of 20:59.5.

Competitors have to run 5,000 meters or 3.1 miles more commonly known as a 5k.  As a freshman, this was Stringer’s first experience at the state finals and she definitely did an amazing job.

Stringer set her own personal goal, to beat her personal record of 20:59.2. She achieved this goal with a new time of 20:54.2 making it the best time she has ever run.

Stringer thought the State Final experience was very exciting.

“At first I was nervous for the race, but once I got there, I realized that I only needed to do my best and achieve my personal goal, which was to break my personal record.”

Like most people, the challenging part of competing in the state finals is the mental aspect. Stringer felt the same.

“I kept having to tell myself that I could do it and that it was possible for me to break my personal record.”

In the end, Stringer has surely achieved many things and will go on to keep improving. This state finals is not the last one that Stringer will go to.