The Tiny Tenth Grade Class


LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC Lake Michigan Catholic High School’s sophomore class is very small. If this important issue isn’t solved soon, it could cause problems.

This shortage of students could cause a chain of bad events. If the class becomes even smaller, many of the sports teams could disappear completely due to a lack of athletes.

This also negatively impacts teachers.  Some could even lose their jobs if there aren’t enough students to teach.

On the bright side, there are solutions to this crucial problem. The school could advertize their ACT and SAT scores more, which are excellent compared to those of other schools in the area.

LMC could advertise to people of other religions or people from other countries. One way they could do this would be by combining with another Christian school or by making LMC a boarding school.

Ellen Janson is a mother of five sons who have gone or are still going to Lake Michigan Catholic.  She believes that having private schools combine may be beneficial.

“Our area is too small for their to be so many different private schools, but if they were to combine, both would begin to excel.”

The tenth grade class isn’t the only class that is smaller than normal, however. In fact, most classes at LMC are smaller than they ever have been before.

Since enrollment was so high when the school was first getting started, the entire building was one big high school. Now, things seem to be the exact opposite.

If something isn’t done soon about this problem, then the school will just continue to shrink. Lake Michigan Catholic Schools certainly will prosper soon, but some work will need to be done.