The Return of Coach Jarvie!


Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Towards the beginning of this school year, LMC was facing a problem: forming a girls varsity and junior varsity basketball team. Last year, LMC did have a minor problem of girls not wanting to play basketball.

Coaches and the school wondered as to why girls didn’t want to play basketball. This year, several meetings were held and many girls became more interested once they heard that Coach Jarvie, LMC band director and former coach, was going to  coach once again.

Coach Jarvie has always loved coaching and playing the sport, which was one of the many reasons he came back to coach this season.

“I had always loved coaching and when the opportunity presented itself, I took it because I saw the talent this group of girls had.”

Coach Jarvie feels that this season will have a positive outcome based on  the talent the group of girls have.

“I think we will go far this season, especially with the group of girls we have and their excitement to play.”

This season will be Coach Jarvie’s 25th year of coaching girls basketball. The team is now very excited for this year as they continue to improve with each other and their returning coach.

Sarah Milanowski, sophomore, is one of the many girls who is very excited to have Coach Jarvie as their head coach.

“I like Coach Jarvie. He makes everyone smile and he makes everyone excited.”

Coach Jarvie has been part of LMC for many years and he is thrilled to make the girls basketball program great again.