LMC Takes A Fall at District Finals

Anne Marie Nuter

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- The girls varsity volleyball team was blowing through districts until they lost to Michigan Lutheran at the finals.  With a win against Laurence and then River Valley, the team was determined to beat ML on Thursday night, but did not follow through to the trophy.

The game previous to Michigan Lutheran, against River Valley, was one to remember; the team was scrappy, determined, and not willing to give up until the end.

The game against River Valley was played at Michigan Lutheran’s High School. A large part of the LMC’s student body was there to cheer on the team.

LMC won all three games they played against River Valley, bringing them to the finals against ML.  Michigan Lutheran is LMC’s biggest rival, so the team knew it would be loud, and neither team would go down with-out a fight.

Lake Michigan Catholic won the first match against ML with the teams neck in neck, both student sections going crazy.  The score was 23-20 (Lake Michigan Catholic) and soon enough ML railed some points tying up the game 24-24.

LMC pulled away with the win of the first match, 26-24, but the other three matches didn’t have the same outcome. The final scores were 26-24, 12-25, 14-25, and 18-25, making Michigan Lutheran the Class D district champions of 2016.

Head coach, Ashley Pagel, was very happy about the outcome of the both games, and the season as a whole.

“I could not have been more proud of my team this season.  All of them were first time varsity players. They were very competitive and it was fun to see how much they improved from game one to the district finals against ML.  That game was a very well fought game all the way to the last point.  I am already looking forward to next season!”

Even though Lake Michigan Catholic didn’t finish the season with a win, they still had a phenomenal season.