The Rise of the 2016-17 Competitive Cheer Team


Erika Spafford

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – LMC’s varsity competitive cheer team’s winter season officially began on November 7th, marking the fourth year in a row that the girls proudly took to the mats.  Although some people feared that the team would not have enough girls this season, the coaches as well as returning seniors were surprised when several incoming freshmen signed up to make a team of thirteen.

The first few weeks will be tough, with practices full of conditioning and rigorous workout routines.  All of the aches and pain that come with the hardcore workouts will not be in vain, however.

Their motto this year is “All Rise,” and based on their current numbers, there is no doubt that the team will do amazingly well.  Considering that all of the girls, especially the freshmen, have already shown tremendous strength at practice, all of this conditioning will only make them stronger.

In spite of all of the new faces, the team has only grown closer and more powerful.  With the current team having so much raw talent and potential, head coach Josh Fairbanks is certain that the girls will rise to the top of their game.

“2017 will be the best season of cheer LMC has had since winning seven state titles in the 90s.  With proven, experienced senior leaders and the most talented group of freshmen we have ever had, this Laker squad has high potential and high hopes.”

Emily Zilke, senior and fourth-year competitive cheerleader, feels similarly to Coach Fairbanks, certain of the team’s inevitable success.

“I feel extremely confident about having such a strong team with the freshmen that are complete naturals! I’m thrilled to be starting my senior season and look forward to making regionals.”

With so much faith already put in the girls, it is sure to be a great season.  Good luck to the varsity competitive cheerleaders at their first competition, which is on December 10th in Otsego, and throughout the rest of their season!