Could This be the End of Girls Basketball at LMC?

Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC– The girls basketball team of LMC was thought to be ending this year due to the lack of players, but that may not be the case. Currently, there are about ten girls interested in basketball, but many of them are still unsure.

Some of the possible players on the basketball team are deciding whether they would like to do basketball or switch to the other girls winter sport at LMC: competitive cheer. This difficult decision is making it very challenging to lock anything down regarding the team’s number of players.

Though both sports are challenging, but extremely fun and rewarding, the varying environments and type of sport makes it almost impossible for these young ladies, specifically freshman, to decide which sport they would like to do.

Elena Proos, freshman, thinks that basketball is number one, but those who wish to dual sport should be able to.

“I am really excited for this basketball season. If you are thinking about the choice between cheer or basketball this winter, you should have every right to dual sport if that is something you are interested in Every team is in the same spot where they need more team members, so every sport should be able to work around that fact and allow their team members to dual sport.”

Though this situation could usually be solved by dual sporting, that is not the case here. The two sports conflict too much for dual sporting to be an option.  

It looks like these girls have a tough decision to make.  Though the status of the team is still up in the air, hopefully, there will be enough girls to remain on the court.