The Creepy Clowns of Southwest Michigan

Katie Wertheimer

SOUTH HAVEN – Recently, in more than forty states, phones have been ringing off the hook in local police stations from citizens reporting clown sightings. Though only some of these freaky encounters have been violent, like the stabbing of a fifteen-year-old boy in Florida, they are nothing less than frightening.

Citizens of Southwest Michigan have witnessed clowns staring eerily at people and vandalizing public property in cities such as Grand Rapids, Cadillac, and Manistee. These horrifying clowns are also causing mischief in local schools as well.

Multiple school districts in Michigan have been on soft lockdown due to the alleged clown threats made. Some parents are even going as far as to keep their kids out of school until the clown issue is under control.

In the town of Lansing, people are reporting clowns looking into their windows, however not making any apparent threats. The police officers are actively trying to find the clowns and put an end to this funny business.

Currently in South Haven, MI, and other bordering towns, social media threats are being made by clowns through Facebook. The jokers are sending friend requests to the people in the area and threatening to hurt and/or kill the person.

They also have made threats against the local schools but no suspicious actions have been heard of. Though no clown sightings have been officially reported, the violence from the clowns in other states and cities in Michigan is causing the South Haven Police to take these threats very seriously, and they will continue to take it seriously until these folks stop clowning around.