Athlete Spotlight: Chloe Simmons


Erika Spafford

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Chloe Simmons, freshman, has already made her mark on the LMC varsity sideline cheer team thanks to her excellent basing skills and positive attitude.  Though this is her first year ever as a cheerleader, Simmons has proved to her teammates, as well as her coaches, that she is capable of almost anything.

Since day one, Simmons has shown the utmost pride of being an LMC cheerleader and continues to astound everyone with her strength.  Most people are usually hesitant when it comes to trying out new things, especially in cheer, but Simmons is always ready to go and perseveres.

At the beginning of the season, even after only a few practices, Simmons already seemed to be an expert base, with her stance and arm movements precise and powerful.  At games, she is always willing, and eager, to stunt and show off the team’s awesome cheers.

Her enthusiasm and constant smiling face is enough to make any fan cheer along with the team at games.  Josh Fairbanks, the assistant sideline coach, thinks that Simmons has an amazing gift and has brought that to the team.

“Chloe Simmons is a senior trapped inside a freshman.  From the very start she’s shown to be driven, hard working, and naturally talented.  She will excel at whatever she commits to.”

Considering her current skills as only a freshman, Simmons is bound for great things as a high school cheerleader.  Good job to Simmons on her outstanding performance and keep on cheering!