Caroline McLoughlin

Monday, October 23th, the Chicago Cubs won their last playoff game against the L.A Dodgers and are now off to the World Series where they will play against the Cleveland Indians.

This is the first time the Cubs have made it to the World series in 71 years. Not only have the Cubs not been to the World series in 71 years, but they also haven’t won the World Series in 108 years.

Now the Cubs and the Indians are facing off for the World Series title. They have played two out of the seven games and both have won one game thus far.

During the first game of the World series, things were not looking to good for the Cubs, since Cleveland won six to zero. In the second game, however, the tables turned and Chicago won five to one.

With an even playing field, both teams have a chance of winning it all. Many people throughout the country are rooting for the Cubs because they haven’t won or much less been to the World series in so long.

Tonight, Friday October 28th, at eight o’clock the Indians and the Cubs with face off in the third game of the World Series, and because they are tied one to one, it should shape up to be an exciting game.