Caroline McLoughlin

BERRIEN CENTER, MI – On Wednesday, October 19th, the LMC sophomore class went on a class retreat to Five Pines. The class of 18 experienced a day of full of tasks that were meant to build teamwork and leadership skills.

The group was joined by their class priest, Father Bob, the school’s head priest, Father Tom, and two of the school’s theology teachers, Mr. DeVoir and Mrs. Koch.

To start off the day the class was given a theme, “Iron Sharpens Iron.” The theme was used throughout the day as the students encouraged their classmates to face their fears and achieve new things.

The students were challenged to work together as a team by walking across a playing field with mouse traps blindfolded. Through this activity, students gained respect for their other fellow classmates.

Next, the class was asked to write one positive quality about each one of their classmates and stick it to a piece of paper with their name on it. This activity was beneficial, and showed that everyone some positive qualities about themselves.

After lunch, the students then went to the ropes course. Instead of just walking the ropes course, they were presented with a challenge.

Students had to carry plastic cups full of water in their mouths from the beginning to the end of the ropes course to fill up a bucket at least halfway. Only a few dropped their cups and the goal of filling the bucket halfway was reached with the help of Father Tom.

Everyone in the class had a chance to do the course but with there being an odd number Father Tom was given the chance to partner and do the course.

Evan Brown, sophomore, believed his first retreat with LMC allowed him to grow closer to his classmates.

“I liked how I got to bond with the class.”

Sarah Milanowski, sophomore, had similar thoughts on the retreat.

“It was fun because we got to work together as a class and take leadership roles.”

Overall it seems that the sophomore class had a memorable retreat this year. The class is now closer than ever.