Weekly Captain – Bailey Siglow

Weekly Captain - Bailey Siglow

Christy Zhou

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL – The honorary weekly captain title of Lake Michigan Catholic sideline cheer team has been given to Bailey Siglow, freshman. She became the weekly captain thanks to her hard-work during every practice.

Michelle Fairbanks, the varsity cheer coach, announced that Bailey would be the recipient of this honorary title.

“This goes to someone who again, just like always, could probably have gotten this a few weeks ago…last week I think, [she] did her first [back walkover] on the track: Bailey!”

After this announcement, the whole team started cheer for, yelling her name, and hugging her.

This is Siglow’s first year cheering however, she is already an experienced flyer, and she can do a lot of tumbling. Bailey was just so excited after she knew she is the weekly captain.

“I am happy, I’m just so happy!”

Congratulations to Bailey Siglow and good luck to the team for the rest of the season!