Players of the Game: Kyle Juza and Will McCoy

Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Kyle Juza and Will McCoy, both juniors, have been nominated for players of the game on October 8, 2016 against the Bridgman Bees. The final score of the game was 24-19.

Juza, quarterback, has been playing football for LMC since the seventh grade. Coach Devoir, the defensive coordinator, was proud of every player, however, thought McCoy and Juza’s performance stood out the most.

Coach Devoir believed Juza’s performance during the game was outstanding.

“Every play the team made, Kyle had made something small into something big”.

During the game Juza also had great passes and yards.  Will McCoy, defensive player, has also been playing football since seventh grade.

McCoy’s performance also stood out during the game on Friday. It was one of the best games he had played with 10 solo tackles.

One thing that Juza and McCoy have in common is their leadership. The coaches and players have noticed this attribute in both boys.

In the first 15 seconds of the game, Bridgman had scored off a punt return by LMC. All hope and faith was lost during the first couple minutes, but despite the score, Juza and McCoy kept encouraging and cheering for their team.

After the game, everyone felt proud of the football teams performance. McCoy felt that the team’s performance was outstanding and unexpected. “The team was nervous at the beginning, but the results were unexpected”. As the team begins to prepare for playoffs, Juza and McCoy hope to improve not only for themselves but for the team as one.