Powder Puff Annihilation


Nathan Janson

BERNARDS FIELD – The annual powder puff game took place this Thursday, September 15, but unlike some of the previous games, it was an amazing battle that ended in the junior and sophomore class obliterating the freshman and seniors. Before the game started it was all fun in games, but once it got going, there was no more messing around.

The match is traditionally senior and freshman girls against junior and sophomore girls, in hopes that the teams will be as fair as possible, but this year it was very one sided. Between the sophomores and the juniors there were only 8 players, so instead of the normal 11 vs. 11, it was 8 v 8.

Right from the start the sophomore and junior team got the upper hand by  going up 21-0 in the first half. Although Maddie Markoch, senior, thought they were going to win because “the seniors have the experience and the freshman have the skill,” it wasn’t looking too good.

In the second half, the senior and freshman team began with 11 players and then kept adding more until their entire team was on the field at once. They did this thinking that it would even out the playing field, but even that couldn’t help.

The juniors and sophomores couldn’t be stopped, and didn’t until the final whistle. The final score was an embarrassing 34-0.

Fred Peters, coach of the freshmen and senior team, said Emily Lage and Emily Stringer would most likely be their star players, and although they did well, they were no match for junior, Katie Sullivan. Katie scored 3 of the 5 junior and sophomore touchdowns and clearly dominated the playing field with her speed and agility, dodging and weaving through the other team’s defense.

Great job to all of the powderpuff players this year!