Hallway Decoration and Dress-up Days

Allana Cunha and Melanie Kibler

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – This year’s Homecoming theme is “Fun and Games,” where each grade’s individual theme is a specific video or board game.  This year, freshmen got Candyland, sophomores got Pac Man, juniors got Mario Kart, and seniors got Monopoly.  

Though the class with the best hallway decorations and overall Homecoming spirit has yet to be announced, each grade did a fantastic job designing their halls and participating in the dress-up days.  From the candy canes in the freshman hallway to the hanging origami game pieces in the senior hall, it is easy to see how much effort each grade put into their hallway.

On top of the decorations, pep rally, and game, come the fun dress up days.  For this Homecoming week, the dress-up days from Monday to Friday were comfy day, dress-up day, famous person day, theme day, and extreme spirit day, respectively.  


On Monday, everyone looked very comfy and cozy.  There were many people in pjs, but even more in just sweatpants and tee-shirts.  Some people really like dressing in comfy clothes, while others think that they could up with more creative themes.

Seniors Kelley Golden and Hannah Starr were rocking some awesome onesies.  Michael Johnston, junior, and Maddie Markoch, senior, were both wearing bathrobes.  Tuesday is when a mass day, so students and faculty dressed up for the occasion.  Everyone looked very fancy, and it was a nice change to see all of the colors in the pews.

Matthew Marzke, junior, and Cole Keller, senior, were looking spiffy in suits.  There were also many girls in lovely dresses.

Wednesday was famous person day and the halls were littered with many famous characters, real and fake.  It was very impressive how many people went all out with their costumes.

Some great costumes were senior Elena Douville’s Morgana costume and freshman Eva Schley’s d’Artagnan outfit. There were also some people who were themed characters.  Bailey Siglow, freshman, and Maddie Johnston, freshman, dressed as Cruella De Vil and Pongo.  Mariah Sirk, freshman, and Kathleen Krieger, freshman, were both smurfs.

Thursday was theme day, which is when student dress up to match their hall’s themes.  The different outfits were fun, colorful, and cool.

Elena Douville and Lizzie Stolte, senior, were the cop and prisoner from the board game Monopoly.  Also from Monopoly was Andrew Armstrong, senior, as the main character.  

On Friday, the halls were filled with white, yellow, and blue students because it was spirit day.  Students always try to be very spirited, with face paint and other options.

Lucy Arbanas, freshman, wore a tutu with the LMC colors.  Some of the sideline cheerleaders and football players were in their uniforms.  The overall participation of the school helped make this Homecoming week great.