Sideline cheer captains prepare for last homecoming performance


Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Sideline cheer, often an underappreciated sport, has been dazzling crowds with unbelievable stunts and cheers at the football games and rooting for the football team for ages. This year in particular, senior captains Emily Zilke and Hannah Starr have brought the team to a whole new level.

Not only have these fifteen girls worked extremely hard on their performance, but they have made posters, locker signs, and gift baskets to spread school spirit and bring Lake Michigan Catholic together. This was one of the main goals of the sideline cheerleaders for this 2016-2017 school year, especially for their two captains.

Emily Zilke, who has been doing both sideline and competitive cheer for all four years of high school, is one of the star cheerleaders on the team. Her extreme flexibility, skill, and dedication to the sport is what make her the ideal captain.

For the last homecoming of her high school career, she is extremely confident in both our football team and cheerleaders, and though she is sad about leaving, Zilke is very proud of the new cheerleaders who will take over once she graduates. She firmly believes that this homecoming will be one of the best homecomings she’s cheered at in all of her four years of high school.

Hannah Starr, the other senior captain, is new to the cheerleading world. Though she only started cheering her junior year, you are unable to tell due to her love of the sport and skill that comes across as years of experience.

She is known for being a great leader and treating the freshman cheerleaders like little sisters, always out to help them improve, not only in cheer but in school as well. Both of these girls will be extremely missed, but we know that they have a bright future ahead as we wish them, and the other cheerleaders, good luck at their next game and all games after!