Does the New Mass Time Help or Hurt the Students of LMC

Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – LMC has always been known for strong Catholic education and weekly mass attendance for all of their students. The recent change in mass time from Wednesday mornings to Tuesday afternoon could have some hefty costs for these high schoolers.

Many students believe that having the lunch time so late in the day causes them to be very hungry and unable to focus. As an attempt to solve this problem, Mr. Gerald Heath, the high school principal, has allowed students to bring snacks to class in order to boost their energy. Without the mental break that an earlier lunch provides, however, students are still lacking in enthusiasm when 4th and 5th period come around.

Senior Brianna Allen not only believes that the hunger is distracting her from classwork but also the actual mass itself.  

“When it is time for us to go to church, I am so tired and hungry. I find it very difficult to stay alert and pay attention during mass.”

Another change made to the schedule this year was changing from block schedules, having half of your classes on one day and alternating between weeks, to having shorter class times throughout the day in order to fit everything in. Many students enjoy this aspect of the change because they believed that it was challenging to keep up with the block schedule while simultaneously losing classroom time with their teachers.

Some alterations the high schoolers wish to make is to go back to the original Wednesday time but replace the block schedules with shorter classes. Overall, the student body agrees that the current schedule makes it tough to take notice both in class and in mass.