Lake Michigan Catholic Spring Sports

Anne Marie Nuter

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Due to the the increase of girls at Lake Michigan Catholic High School transferring to tennis in the Spring of 2016, the soccer, track,  and softball team are left with no choice other than to co-op with other schools.

In the past, LMC has only needed to co-op for swimming and football.  This year, things might change.

With dual-sporting athletic seniors graduated, our sports teams are left with less people and more open opportunities.  These openings, however, have been failed to be filled.

Since the girls soccer team has fewer players, the team must co-op with Grace Christian and Countryside Academy. The softball team will combine with Grace Christian, and track and field will  co-op with Countryside Academy.

With advanced skills of new players coming in, Lake Michigan Catholics High School Spring sports will hopefully have a strong team to fill the roster of The Red Arrow Conference.

Nati Schueneman says, “I am happy with the co-oping because it benefits both schools. We can compete in more sports games and have a well rounded team.” This helps to show our gratitude to the schools co-oping with us, but a team of our own can also reflect very positively on our school.