Who Would You Vote For?


Nathan Janson

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Most students of Lake Michigan Catholic aren’t old enough to participate in the presidential election this November, but they still have their own opinions. In fact, many of them are quite passionate about their beliefs.

A poll was sent out to all of the students of Lake Michigan Catholic asking who they would vote for, if they could. Based on this poll of 52 students, Donald Trump won this “election” with 73.1% to Hillary Clinton’s 26.9%.

Some students such as Will Latham, sophomore, think Donald Trump is the best candidate because “he is pro-life, he speaks his mind, even when other people don’t like what he is saying, and he is a businessman.”

Other students, such as Brianna Allen, senior, want Hillary Clinton to be the next president because “she isn’t racist, like Trump, and because she is smarter than Trump.”

People don’t really like either of the candidates and wished there were different options. Jared Hannapel, sophomore, who voted for Trump, is still conflicted.

“I really don’t like either of the options, but if I had to choose one, it would be Trump because he isn’t as bad as Hilary.”

Despite the fact that the most of the students don’t get a vote this year, they will still be largely affected by who the next president is. Their opinions may not seem to matter yet, but it certainly will in the future.