Weekly Captain-Erika Spafford

Weekly Captain-Erika Spafford

Christy Zhou

SAINT JOSEPH – Erika Spafford, senior, became the new weekly captain of Lake Michigan Catholic sideline cheer team. She was chosen based on her hard-work during every practice.

Coach Michelle Fairbanks was proud to announce who the captain was at practice last Wednesday.

“This week’s captain is someone that probably could have been captain last week as well. She is somebody that we both considered being captain after one week until her doing cheer, she leads by example and this year she is actually become more.”

Spafford is cheerleader of both sideline cheer and competitive cheer team and this will be her third year of cheer.

“I was very surprised, I was not expecting it but I was happy. ”

She is always standing by the stunt group even though at that time she is not a base or a flyer.  Spafford stands there, ready to help just in case someone starts falling down.

Emily Zilke, captain, thought she deserved the weekly title.

“I have been waiting for Erika to get honorary captain! I do not think there is anyone on the team that deserves it more than her. She is a hard worker, positive person, and now a captain!  

Congratulations to Erika Spafford!