Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Movie Review

Melanie Kibler

Tim Burton has created another amazing world in the movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.  This movie was based on a book by Ransom Riggs.  

 It is about a boy named Jacob (Asa Butterfield) who has been told stories about magical people by his grandfather since he was little.  Years after he is too old for the stories, his grandfather (Terrence Stamp) dies.

    Jacob swears he sees a monster from his grandfather’s stories when he found him dying in the woods.  His grandfather’s last words were to tell Jacob to visit the place where he was in the “magical” orphanage.

    Jacob convinces his father (Chris O’Dowd) to take him to Cairnholm island, where the orphanage is.  When he arrives, Jacob finds that his grandfather has been telling the truth the whole time.

On the island, he meets Miss Peregrine (Eva Green), who is the headmistress of the children’s home, and the rest of the peculiar children.  However, the creatures that have haunted his nightmares appear on the island and Jacob has to protect the children while simultaneously try and figure himself out.  

This movie is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, according to the “Kibby Movie Scale.”  The scale is based on character casting, setting, entertainment, music, and visually placeability.

The casting director did an amazing job on choosing who would be what character.  All of the actors portrayed their character very well.

The setting of a fantasy movie is supposed to be magical and beautiful.  This movie set was all of the above and more.  The movie also was gloomy in the places that were meant to creep the viewers out.

This movie is entertaining for most ages, it is fun and full of hilarious parts.  Be warned that the movie also contains scary parts so that is why it is PG-13.

The way a movie tells you what you are supposed to be feeling is through the music.  The music in this movie is very good at it’s job.

The movie was also very pleasing visually.  The costumes, sets and overall characters just seemed to look like they belong.

I would recommend that you go see this masterpiece regardless if you’ve read the book or not.