Caroline McLoughlin

SAINT JOSEPH – Lake Michigan Catholic High school students took a poll on Wednesday, September 21, to see which phone the students prefered, iPhones  or Androids. Over 72% voted for iPhones, creating a sizable difference between the 24.6% of Android users and 3.3% other.

With the new release of the iPhone7, the entire world is debating which of the two major smart phones is the better one, iPhones or Androids?

Apple and Samsung are the largest phone company competitors in the United States. We all know what we prefer, but which phone is truly the best?

Soley looking at the newest phones, the iPhone 7 and the Samsung S7, they really don’t differ that much in terms of statistics. In fact, when it comes to the features of a phone, in terms of design, the Samsung has better protection against water and dust but only by one IP (water resistant rating).

As for storage and battery life, Apple says that the new iPhone has a significant amount of battery life. If fact its up 40% from the 6S, with 14 hours of talk time and up 40 hours of streaming music; the phone also offers 32GB, 128GB, or 256GB of memory.

The Samsung, on the other hand, has only 22 hours of talk time and offers 32GB or 64GB of storage; although if you buy a microSD card, there is a slot for one on a Samsung and the cards can hold up to 256GB of memory.

The IPhone 7 ranges in prices from $649 to $769 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 ranges in prices from $649.99 to $749.99 based on the model of the phone. So which phone is better?

Jared Hannapel, sophomore, believes that Apple iPhones are superior to Androids.

“The software is simple and to the point, and I have a lot of Apple products, so it all works together.”

Andrew Armstrong, senior, thinks otherwise.

“I find that Samsung’s just are easier to function. It’s about personal preference really.  iPhones were just annoying to me,”

In the end, both phone companies have advanced their smartphones and have bettered our sources of communication. Seems like the best phone just depends on the eye of the beholder.