Weekly Captain – Emily Stringer


Christy Zhou

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – The sideline cheer team chooses a new weekly captain every Wednesday. This week, this honorary title was given to one of the new freshman cheerleaders, Emily Stringer.

According to the team as well as her coach, Michelle Fairbanks, say that Stringer was chosen for her positive attitude about learning new things.

“This goes to someone who has had to learn basic and advanced skills, like super, super quick, and is willing to learn new things that are really, really hard and challenging: Emily Stringer! ”

Since she is a freshman, this is the first year Emily Stringer will doing cheer.  However, she is already an essential part for the team and a good flyer.

“It makes me feel like all of my hard work paid off, and I am an important part of the team.”

Senior captain, Hannah Starr, thinks that she works really hard during every practice, and deserved this title.

“She is very fearless when she tries new stunts, and I like that. I know [cross-country] is her priority in running, but she makes cheer a priority over that even though it’s something brand-new, and she makes cheer really important to her, so I think she really deserved it.”

Congratulations to Emily Stringer on being named the team’s weekly captain!