Dig Pink Game


Melanie Kibler

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC– On Thursday, October 6th, the LMC’s girls volleyball team had their dig pink game against Michigan Lutheran.  Although LMC lost the game, the game itself was for a good cause: to support breast cancer awareness.

The Interact Club was selling pink pom-poms at the game.  All of the proceeds from the sale went to help fight breast cancer.

One of the advisers for Interact, Maria Kibler, said that they made about $400.  That will all go to help fight breast cancer in women.

The LMC team lost all three games that they played against M.L.  The team played very vigilantly though.

There were many great passes throughout the game.  One of those was when Mary Ellen Nutter, junior, kicked the ball over the net and the referee said it was good.

Some of the volleyball players said that the ref made some bad calls, so some believe that may be the reason the girls lost.  Other people felt that he was wrong on almost all of the calls.

Whatever happened, the Lakers played a good game nonetheless.  The girls should still be proud of their effort.