Cross Country Meet

Cross Country Meet

Ashley Herrera

PORTAGE – On a cold Saturday morning, the Laker Cross Country team competed with over 40 schools at the Portage Middle School. Some schools even came from different states like in Indiana, Illinois, and even Ohio.

The people that were are on the team were Bailey Siglow, freshman, Katie Sullivan, junior, Andrew Armstrong, senior, Emily Stringer, freshman, and Claire Duris, freshman. The lakers ran a 5k, which is an equivalent of three miles.

Claire had an injury from another sport but yet she came out to support her Cross Country Team at their big meet. Emily Stringer ran a great race and ended up winning a thirdy ninth place medal.

The Lakers arrived at the middle school at 7 PM in the morning and didn’t end until 6:30 PM. The boys ran at 8:50 Am and the girls ran at 9:50 Am.

With all of this running, it’s surprising to think that anyone could make it to the end.  However, it was alarming to hear the various reasons the team pressed onward. Bailey Siglow, for example, had a great reason.

“I motivate myself so that I can be able to get banana bread after every race.”

Congrats to all the runners. Good luck at the next meet!