Hurricane Matthew’s Trail of Destruction

Hurricane Matthew’s Trail of Destruction

Nathan Janson

Lake Michigan Catholic High School – Hurricane Matthew has now moved further north and has died off for the most part, but not before causing catastrophic damage. The death toll ended up being around 1,000 people, including around 840 in Haiti alone.

In Haiti over 1,580 homes were flooded and the storm affected about 3,215 families. Although Haiti was hit the hardest, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic were also hit hard. In the Bahamas, Greg Ageeb, the uncle of Melanie Kibler, freshman, was affected by the hurricane.

“My eastern sea wall collapsed, there was about 4 ft. of water in my backyard, and roughly 8 in. of water in my house.”

Next, Matthew moved north to the eastern coast of Florida and continued up the coast, killing at total of 21 people.

In Florida,  about 22,000 people were moved to shelters and over 4,500 flights were canceled.  Thousands are still being affected now.

Senior Ian Cartwright’s parents were largely affected by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. “My parents were living in an apartment in Miami and it flooded, forcing them to live with their parents for 3 months. Also, Cuban immigrants weren’t ready for a hurricane, so without preparation all of their homes were torn apart.”

Thankfully the storm has mostly dissipated, however the damage has already been done.  Hopefully all people affected by Hurricane Matthew, both in the U.S. and not, will recover soon.



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