The Game From the Sidelines

The Game From the Sidelines

Erika Spafford and Allana Cunha

BRIDGMAN – On Friday, October 7, 2016, the varsity sideline cheerleaders boarded the bus on their way to the Bridgman field.  Despite the initial pep of the girls, as the bus drew closer to the field, there was an unspoken feeling of doubt hovering over them.

Not only was it Bridgman’s homecoming, but last year, the Bees beat LMC 28-0.  Though the girls did their best to remain optimistic, they were still a bit scared that the Laker boys would lose.

They were subject to multiple taunts and boasts by the Bees during their parade to the field.  At one point, some boys even threw suckers at the bus.

When the girls finally got to the field, they encountered the Bridgman cheerleaders who were arrogant, yet senior captain Hannah Starr fearlessly defended the team.  In spite of their face off, the girls were very anxious yet determined to do their best.

When the game started, Bridgman scored a touchdown within the first 15 seconds, putting a damper on the girls’ spirits. Their fans and players became overconfident, most likely because they recalled the outcome of last year’s game.

None of the cheerleaders were disheartened, however.  They continued cheering, shouting encouraging words to the boys, and some even began saying prayers.

By the second quarter the score was 18-19. The boys, their excitement clearly evident on their smiling faces, kept on playing their hearts out.

The cheerleaders were ecstatic, jumping and cheering in support of the boys.  However, as the fourth quarter was coming to an end, the girls’ anxiety skyrocketed.

The score was neck and neck.  Thanks to a fault by the Bees, they got a five-yard penalty and the Lakers closed in.

On the track adjacent to the boys, all of the cheerleaders clustered together, yelling final words of encouragement.  The crowd roared as Will McCoy, junior, scored the final touchdown, allowing the Lakers to claim victory over the Bees.

The crowd, players, and cheerleaders went wild.  Laker coaches and players embraced while their opponents left the field to confront their sullen fans.

Cheerleaders were screaming, laughing, and spirited when performing the fight song for the boys.  It was definitely one of the best games the girls have ever cheered at.

Kelley Golden, a senior cheerleader, thought that cheering at the Bridgman game was an amazing experience.

“It was so exciting to cheer for the team and I loved being able to run along the sideline while the team was scoring the last touchdown. It was by far my favorite game to cheer at and will be a great memory from my senior year.”

Madelyn Markoch, another senior cheerleader, expressed her thoughts on how awesome the fans were and how the game went.

“I loved how excited everyone was.  It was a really close game for awhile and once we scored that last touchdown, everyone was screaming and so ecstatic.  It was such a memorable and amazing win.”

Congratulations to the LMC football players and good luck at playoffs!  The girls will be there to cheer you on!