Bring Your Old Shoes, Save a Baby’s Life!

Allana Cunha, Layout Editor


LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – The LMC Key Club is collecting old shoes to save the lives of babies.  There are three collection points: the Elementary, Middle and High schools.  

The shoes collected will be sent to 18 different countries such as Haiti or Guatemala.  Once there, they will need to be refurbished, providing jobs for people.  

Shoes will be sold inexpensively to people in those countries.  Part of the proceeds will be donated to help provide immunizations for women and children to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.  

For every 25 pairs of shoes donated, 5 babies will be saved.  All kinds of shoes can be donated, so long as no holes are present in the soles.  

Each pair of shoes will be worth 2 points for Key Club members, however they must be shown to one of the club’s officers (Lizzie Stolte, Adriana Nerio, Caroline McLoughlin, Andrew Armstrong or myself). If they are not shown to an officer, the points for the shoes will not be counted.  

President of Key Club, Adriana Nerio, sophomore, praised the shoe drive idea and the fact that this drive is saving lives. “I think that it is a great service project to have in our school.  It gives not only the club but the school an opportunity to give shoes to the community. To be able to donate all these shoes gives a great feeling to us and hopefully to those who are benefiting from this project.”

Shoes will be collected until mid-October, so bring as many as you can since this is going to a great cause!