COVID-19 vs College Sports

COVID-19 vs College Sports

Darby McLoughlin

UNITED STATES- Sports all over the country have been put on hold because of the Coronavirus.  Games and tournaments everybody has been looking forward to have been canceled.  The players aren’t even allowed to practice with other people much less play a game.

College winter sport senior athletes  no longer get to play their last games.  Spring sport senior athletes are in the same position.   These seniors played their last college game without even knowing it.  This also reduces the chance of players to get drafted onto a professional sport team.

College basketball is something that everyone, even people who don’t play the sport, look forward to.  This is especially true for the NCAA tournament for both men and women. This tournament carries a lot of competitive spirit far more than just the players.  With the tournament being canceled, many people are upset that they won’t be able to watch the intense series of games between schools that they have enjoyed for years.  This tournament was also the only way many people could watch basketball all year because of their schedules.With it canceled, it upset more than just the players, but also worldwide fans who had high hopes for the outcomes of these games.

Spring sports or additional season sports for the 2020 season have all also been shut down.  These sports included; baseball, softball, golf, tennis, track and field, beach volleyball, and rowing.  These teams won’t get the chance to show off all their hard work and this year because of the cancellation.

All in all, the Coronavirus won against college sports, so for the time being, there will be no athletes preparing for games anytime soon.