Blossomtime Cancelled in Response to COVID-19


Katie Wertheimer

SOUTHWEST MICHIGAN- In the midst of this devastating pandemic of Covid-19, otherwise known as CoronaVirus, the world has been put on pause to try to slow the spread of the frightening ailment, closing schools, restaurants, and any social events with large crowds. For the citizens of Southwest Michigan, one especially disappointing cancelation came in the form of canceling the annual Blossomtime Festival and Parade.

Every year, those who call Michigan home gather to watch as floats and performers make their way from Saint Joseph to Benton Harbor. Unfortunately, the festival has decided to cancel the parade, as well as the annual “Blessing of the Blossoms”, “House of David Baseball and Youth Parade”, and the “Run for the Buds” due to the recent outbreak. 

In addition to canceling those festivities, the festival chose to postpone their annual Miss and Mr. Blossomtime Pageant. This pageant involves all of the local communities kings and queens as they compete for the coveted title. 

For all of the community courts, many have expressed disappointment in the fact that during their year of reign, they will miss out on some of the most loved parts of being a part of the festival. Miss Congeniality for Coloma, Bailey Siglow, is heartbroken knowing she will never get to ride in the parade, although she understands why these precautions must be taken.

“It is a real bummer and I was really looking forward to it, No matter how much the event means to me, I still want to make people’s health and safety a priority.”

This is also disappointing for many band students as well. Every year, the school marching bands take part in this festival, leaving all senior members very sad that they are missing their last year to participate. LMC Senior, Elena Proos, is extremely saddened about the situation, although she is trying to stay positive.

“The cancelation of the Blossomtime Parade is so heartbreaking. As seniors and as a community, we all looked forward to moments like the parade to bring us all together and cherish times like that. Right now, we’re all united in a much different way than was ever expected.”

As of right now, the parade and the festivities around it will not happen at all for this year and there is no word as to when the corporation plans to reschedule the pageant. In the meantime, it is encouraged that everyone takes the proper steps to combat this virus and stays safe as many mourn over the loss of this beloved event.