Winterfest Basketball


Darby McLoughlin

Lake Michigan Catholic High School- Friday February twenty-eighth, Lake Michigan Catholic’s boys and girls varsity basketball teams went up against Lawrence for an intense winterfest game.  The boys sadly lost after a well fought game thirty-five to thirty-eight. The girls on the other hand beat Lawrence forty-six to thirty-two.  

The girls game was also a nail biter, not because of score, but because of players.  With two already out due to a broken arm and a concussion there were only six girls that could play.  Only having one sub the girls were not in the best situation, but when player Holly Starr’s knee got injured it left only five girls left to play.  

Not long after, player Emily Lage fouled out of the game, leaving the girls to play four against five.  Soon though the girls had to fight with only three players. Although there were only three of them the girls fought their hardest and pulled out a win.  

Right after the girls, but before the boys played, the winterfest prince, princess, queen and king were crowned.  Peter Cho was crowned prince and Leah Brucal was crowned princess. Madeline Johnston was crowned queen with Connor Casey crowned king.   

Although the boys lost they fought hard and played a close game, the kind that keeps you on the end of your seat.  But what mattered is that they did their best and fought hard for their team.