The “Safest” Sport

The “Safest” Sport

Darby McLoughlin

Many believe dance to be the safest sport, but what these people don’t know is the day to day life  of a dancer. Dancers can, and do, get hurt on a daily basis. Their sport is just as, or more dangerous than most.  From the sore muscles to the bruises to dislocated joints to pulled muscles to broken bones, dancers have it all.  

Dancers get bruises from basically everything they do, from floor work to working with props.  Also if not warmed up and stretched, a dancer can easily pull a muscle or break a bone. Besides the constant sore muscles and bruises dancers are prone to injury.  

Just this past weekend a girl broke her wrist doing a front walkover, a trick in which the dancer flips over themselves on their hands.  Likewise another girl dislocated her knee just a few weeks ago doing a turn across the floor. Plus many dancers have sprained or pulled something while dancing.  

According to Bleacher Report, dance injury rates are significantly higher than that of other sports. Thirty-two to fifty-one percent of dancers are injured each year, while only twenty-eight percent of football players get injured each year. 

Comparing the two puts into perspective how physically exerting dance can be and how easily dancers can be injured.  Many believe that the sport that has the most injuries is football, but looking at the statistics dancers are more likely to get injured.  Therefore dance is not the safest sport, but it’s not the most dangerous sport either, that title belongs to boxing.