Winterfest Recap- Day 4


Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Winterfest week isn’t finished yet for the Lakers. Thursday, the fourth day of the Spirit Week, called for all four grades to dress up as their assigned movie for “Theme Day”.

For the Freshman Class, each student picked a character from the movie “The Avengers” to display their theme. When it came to sophomores, whose theme revolved around the movie “Grease”, the halls were filled with poodle skirts and leather jackets.

Juniors embodied the character’s in “Space Jam” by sporting their favorite basketball jerseys, with a few pairs of bunny ears to better show their role as characters from “The Looney Tunes”. Finally, the Seniors were on a hunt for the Yellow Brick Road as they were seen showing off their movie knowledge by going as the iconic characters from the film. 

The winner of the most participants for today’s dress up day was the Sophomore Class with 100% participation. So far, the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Class has all won for most spirit and plan to keep fighting for the coveted “Spirit Wheel” to be given tomorrow at the pep rally. 

Although each student surely showed off their knowledge of movies, the teachers did as well. They decided amongst themselves that they would select the classic movie of “The Goonies” and dress up along with the students, truly showing off their school spirit.